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Snapchat For PC/Laptop (windows XP/7/8)

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Download Snapchat for PC/Laptop(windows XP/7/8)

hi guys, today i'm here to share about your one of the favorite Snapchat application on your PC. It is also there on the google play store for free download it is developed by the Snapchat Inc. This app will come under social category. This app provides Fast and fun mobile conversation. millions of people are crazy about this app. I'm sure that this tutorial help a lot for you,please follow step by step procedure in order to download Snapchat for PC.

Snapchat PC features

Snapchat has many features,  i will point out the main features of it,  so that you can understand why it is so popular out of many apps.
  • The first feature of this app is very interesting i.e, you can enjoy and fun and fast conversation with your friends and family members, with this app you can take a snap or video, by adding a caption you can send it your friends, They will view the photo or video it stays for some time and deleted automatically.
  • you can share funny pictures with your friends anyways it is deleted automatically after viewing it. you can enjoy by sending some funny pictures of your friends.
  • one more feature is, when both friends are online you can enjoy face to face chat and you can enjoy live video also.

Download Snapchat for PC   

Now i'm here to tell about how to download snapchat for PC.  you can download Snapchat for PC by three methods. So you can download the snapchat with one of the methods below. All the methods are working well. Lets start the tutorial. 

Method-1: Download Snapchat for PC with Bluestacks 

1. In order to download any app on PC you have to download first Bluestacks  From the Bluestacks you can download any android app. Simply click on the Below link Download Bluestacks on your PC or computer.
2. After Downloading the Bluestacks App install it on your PC it will take few minutes.
3. Once you open the Bluestacks, like google app store you are having a search toolbar in it, Simply type snapchat in that search toolbar and click on the Snapchat.
4.Then click on install snapchat and snapchat app will be successfully installed on to your PC or Computer.

Method-2: Download Snapchat for PC without Bluestacks

From here you can download Snapchat Without Bluestacks
i mean Download Snapchat for PC with Youwave
  • Youwave is also an Android Emulator Same as Bluestacks
  • Download Youwave from the below link 
  • After download and installation of youwave, you can use this emulator.
  • you will find a search bar in youwave, then type snapchat in that search bar.
  • you will get snapchat app and click on the install, it will be installed on to your pc or computer with in few minutes.

 Method-3: Download snapchat APK file for PC Free

  • You can directly download the APK file of Snapchat for PC with out any Android Emulator.
  • You can download from the below link. 


From this tutorial you can learnt "How to download Snapchat For PC/Laptop (Windows XP/7/8)" . Keep in touch with pcfreeapps for messengers to download. If you have any doubts regarding the tutorial contact us. Like us and share the post with friends. 
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