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Whatsapp On PC For Windows 7/8/xp and MAC

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Whatsapp For PC

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app for smartphones which is more interesting now a days. The popularity of the whatsapp is growing more now a days. Basically whatsapp is designed for the smartphones but because of its more usage it has been moved to the pc and laptops. Now we can download whatsapp on computer and enjoy the same features on it as in the mobiles. There are many ways to download whatsapp for computer but the simple way is by using the emulator app for pc. Whatsapp for computer is having many awesome features so lets have a look.

Top Features of Whatsapp 

There are many features of whatsapp you might have noticed but here are the top features just have a look.

  • Send Whatsapp history conversation to some one: You can send the entire conversation to some one for that go to Menu, select more, Click on email conversation. its a simple method.
  • Change the Whatsapp Chat Wall paper: While chat we can change the conversation theme i.e. wall paper by choosing conversation settings and click on chat wall paper.
  • Save the photos you have received: In the whatsapp many of our friends keeps on sending their pics to us, if we are interested then we can save the pictures on our desktop or mobiles.
  • Create shortcuts to conversations: While chatting once we will we fedup to type all the letters for that we can create the shortcuts so that if we are using the same words then we can directly press the shortcut.

Whatsapp in PC Free Download

Whatsapp for pc can be downloaded but many of us have a doubt how to install whatsapp on pc and how to use whatsapp on pc. Dont worry follow the simple procedure.

  • First step is to download the android emulator software called as bluestacks. For free download click here. 
  • Now install the bluestacks on your pc by double clicking the exe file. 
  • Follow the instructions and download it in safe mode. Enable the desktop short cut icon while installing.
  • Now open the bluestacks and check for the search box. type whatsapp in the search box.
  • Now click on the install which will be at the side of whatsapp icon. your download will start and install the download whatsapp for pc.
Now you got how to use whatsapp in laptop and the whatsapp computer download. If you have any queries regarding whatsapp on laptop just let us know. Feel free to ask us.
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