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Bluestacks for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/XP and MAC

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Bluestacks for Windows

Bluestacks is an American company that has introduced the bluestacks App player to enable the Android smartphone applications on the PC windows and mac computers. As the Android is releasing the top games and apps, its popularity is being increasing in each and every field of games, education, entertainment. So many of the users are moving their interest towards the android games on pc which cannot be downloaded directly, so for the users existence an app for pc is introduced called as bluestacks. This bluestacks is supported for windows 7/8/8.1/xp and mac versions. Bluestacks for windows 8 and other versions can be downloaded when you are online or offline.  

Features of Bluestacks App Player

Some of the features of Bluestacks player are listed out here.
  • Many improvements are guided to support apps like flipboard, amazing, alex etc.
  • Push the apps from your smartphone to the bluestacks app player using the cloud connect mobile app.
  • Comes with the original versions of Android, Windows, iOS games and Apps.
  • New graphics are being updated to support the new apps with out any errors.

Steps to Download Bluestacks for Windows when Online

We can have the free download bluestacks for windows 7 and other versions using the online installer, follow the below steps.
  • First step is to visit the below link to get the app player for pc.
  • Now you will be redirected to the original site, there you can see a green button of Download App Player click on that.
  • Once your system is supported it will directly download the link and indicates with message of Thank you on the screen.
  • Now open the exe file and install on your PC, once the installation is completed you can see the bluestacks icon on the desktop.

Steps to Download Bluestacks for Windows Using Offline Installer

The Bluestacks for windows xp and other versions of windows can be downloaded for free using the offline installer.
  • First the direct download bluestacks for windows 7 8,8.1,xp and mac can be done. click on download button. 
  • The file is of 196 MB and do not stop installation it may redirect to error.
  • Now once the file is downloaded, copy the folder in drive and click on the exe file and follow the same steps. You will see the icon on the desktop.


So you have learnt how to install bluestacks windows 8,8.1,xp and mac on your pc using the online and offline installer. This bluestacks for windows 7 is applicable to download all the apps. If you have any queries regarding download bluestacks for windows 8,7,8.1,xp and mac versions let us know. Feel free to ask us.

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